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Aug 14, 2013:
New section: False Photos


Jul 29, 2013:
New picture of ELP


Jul 25, 2013:
NEW Mar Y Sol footage (2+ mins) in the Video section


Jul 15, 2013:

– Six new pictures added to the Billy Joel section.
– Memories of traveling with Billy Joel’s band by Susan Geiser.

Feb 26, 2013:

New shirt design based on the LP logo. Check out the Shirts section


Feb 13, 2013:

No habrá una Reunión en el 2013… o al menos no será organizada por mí. Luego del tremendo éxito de la reunión del 40 Aniversario el año pasado mucha gente preguntó si habría una el siguiente año a lo que contesté que sí. Pero lamentablemente no podré ir a Puerto Rico para esa época del año. Si alguien desea organizar algo por su cuenta tendrán mi apoyo siempre y cuando no se convierta en una actividad para sacar dinero como cierta persona me sugirió el año pasado 😉

There will be no 2013 Reunion…or at least not made by me. After the great success of the 40th Anniversary Reunion last year people started asking if there would be a follow up in 2013 and I said yes.  Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to Puerto Rico by that time of the year. If someone would like to organize something you’ll have my support as long as it’s not an event made to make money like certain someone suggested to me last year 😉


Dec 11, 2012:

Fiesta Del Sol proposal – A new ultra rare document has surfaced.


Nov 19, 2012:

Introduction to Mar Y Sol – New shorter version of the History of Mar Y Sol. This new version will not replace the old one, instead it will be an alternative for those who are new to the subject or simply prefer summary.

Introducción a Mar Y Sol – Nueva versión más corta de la Historia de Mar Y Sol. Esta nueva versión no reemplasará la anterior, es simplemente una alternativa para personas que sean nuevos al tema o prefieran un resumen.



Oct 22, 2012:

FIRST live professional picture of ELP. Taken from the July 1972 issue of Words & Music magazine. http://www.marysolpopfestival.com/performers/emerson-lake-palmer/


Aug 12, 2012:

The English version of the documentary is now available: Mar Y Sol – The Reunion, 40 Years Later



Jun 18, 2012:

El documental “Mar Y Sol – El Reencuentro: 40 Años Más Tarde” ya está disponible.

The documentary (for now only in Spanish) is ready: “Mar Y Sol – El Reencuentro: 40 Años Más Tarde


Apr 1, 2012:

The 40th Anniversary Reunion was a success!!:
Mar 27, 2012:

The 40th Anniversary:

As a gift to all of you for the beginning of the celebration, I give you the long awaited “The Collazo/Mandry Tapes Vol. 2”  …and “The Collazo/Mandry Tapes Vol. 3“!!!  If that wasn’t enough, I will also give you………… the Alice Cooper EP (an incomplete set also from the Collazo/Mandry tapes):

If you’re wondering why I released all three at once… it’s because I’m going to Puerto Rico tomorrow and I don’t wanna have to deal with complicated website updates while I’m there. So this is my “Leaving Las Vegas” update/gift.  By the way, if you wanna know a little more about me and my taste…. Alice Cooper’s recording is my favorite thing about Mar Y Sol. If I could go back in time and just be at the festival for an hour, it would be while Alice was playing :). So, this bootleg means the world to me!


Mar 26, 2012:

– Official festival document added to the Other images section stating the new added acts (the ones not in the poster). Billy Joel is one of them.

– 4 bands added to the Performers list. Most of them (probably all of them) didn’t play: Al Kooper, Billy Preston, Kenny Loggins & Jim Messina, Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels.

– New info on the false Mar Y Sol video.

– Just received a LOT of official documents from the festival production. Will post them when I come back from my trip to Puerto Rico.



Mar 20, 2012:

– New footage of Mar Y Sol is now available on the Video section.


Mar 18, 2012:

– “Mr. Robert”, opening song from Brownsville Station at the festival is now available for listening here.


Mar 17, 2012:

– This NEW version (WordPress) of the website is officially up and running. Still a few parts under construction and hate to release it like this but it shouldn’t take me more than a few more days to have every single part fully running. However the main stuff is all ready

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