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For years I’ve been making sure that false Mar Y Sol photos are also exposed. Some people have posted these pictures of Mar Y Sol because of a simple error or sometimes in a desperate need for attention. Most of those were eventually removed. But there’s always new ones. Here are the latest ones… from chuckpulin.com:


Here’s Alvin Lee of Ten Years After. Since the Chuck Pulin website was created until the moment I made this posting, these 2 pictures have been labeled as being from Mar Y Sol.

First of all Ten Years After didn’t play at Mar Y Sol. They were never part of the list of performers. Not even part of the list of last minute additions. Many attendees have also stated that this band didn’t play, including one particular person who said “They were one of my favorite bands. Believe me, I’d know if they played”.

Here are my own observations: At Mar Y Sol there was no roof or walls. In these pictures you can clearly see how there’s an American flag hanging on the back wall and you can even see a bit of the roof. Also, if you go to the website there are 2 more pictures of this performance but they are not labeled as being from Mar Y Sol. In the first one you can very clearly see a roof. And on the second one….. well, see for yourself.

And here are 2 more. John Kay of Steppenwolf. Again, at Mar Y Sol there was no walls…. so how come there’s theater curtain behind him? If that wasn’t enough, these and a few more pictures are labeled as being from “Mar Y Soul fest.” That tells you how “professional” that website is. So, I mean, just do a good research before you spend $300 or more on a picture ­čśë

I tried to correct this by sending all these errors to the person in charge. He thanked me a maybe fixed 2 pictures (not these ones). Maybe he forgot all about it or just doesn’t care.