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On promo: Yes
Performed: Yes

Date: April 2 (Sunday)
(sources: Creem magazine review, New York Times review & Bohemia magazine article)


Time: Per the New York Times review, they played around 1:00 am, before Alice Cooper.




In 2006 (more than 30 years after) Greg Lake found the 16-track tapes of their whole performance at this festival. It was released for the first time ever in the boxed set ‘From The Beginning’ (on Disc 5).

In early 2011, as part of the Record Store Day, a limited LP version (1,500 copies) of the Mar Y Sol performance was released while the regular CD version was being prepared to be released on December 6, 2011.




Contains 2 songs by ELP:
“Take a Pebble” & “Lucky Man”










A sampler/EP was also released. ELP had Side One.

< back cover










1. Hoedown
2. Tarkus
3. Take A Pebble
4. Lucky Man
5. Piano Improvisation
6. Pictures At An Exhibition
7. Rondo


Additional info:

Had technical problems before their set.



“I especially remember Emerson Lake and Palmer’s electrifying performance with their synthesizer aimed into the audience that just went through you like a machine gun”.
– Judy Wojack (Wyandotte, Michigan)