Alice Cooper

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On promo: Yes
Performed: Yes

Date: April 2 (Sunday)
(sources: Creem magazine review, New York Times review & Bohemia magazine article)


Time: Played after Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

Per the New York Times review they went on stage at 5:00 am.

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The complete set exists from the original professional recordings of the festival. Hopefully it will get released one day. So far only one song from that performance, an intrumental version of “School’s Out”, has been officially released on the boxed set “Old School” (Disc 2, track 2).

Complete Setlist:

– Be My Lover
– You Drive Me Nervous
– Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
– I’m Eighteen
– Halo Of Flies
– Is It My Body
– Dead Babies
– Killer
– Long Way To Go
– School’s Out (instrumental)



“Ozzy [Osbourne] needed a tie to get in to the casino. So while I’m cutting my scarf in half to make Ozzy a Bowtie, I hear a ‘Hi Harold!’ I turn around and it’s Alice Cooper and Cindy Lang picture perfect dressed as Nick and Nora and a matching Asta! I so wanted to find my own Nora! Still looking….”
– Harold C. Black (David Peel band)


“I was not a fan of Alice Cooper till I saw him in concert at Mar y Sol. I think I was more amazed at the crowd reaction then the actual show but they could rock. I remember this chill going over me when Alice hung himself. He also did the throwing money bit into the crowd and watching people scramble for it was pretty funny”.
– Michael Bobot, Boca Raton, FL.


“Some people remember Alice Cooper played very early in the morning and the stage was filled with fog , when the fog dispersed you could see Alice Cooper in a slipknot”.
– Jorge H. Maymi, Puerto Rico


“Alice Cooper took the stage and with the color lights and the bubble machines going off it was like magic in the sky and everywhere”.
– David Stone, Florida


“The one thing I remember the most from their show was that he took out a sword with $$ bills stashed to it, and was flinging the bills on the crowd…that was a “rush” for the crowd. I crashed after this show.”
– Lou Portela, California


“In the evening we all enjoyed the company of Alice Cooper at a casino while he played roulette.”
– Joanna Garland (performed with David Peel’s band at the festival)


“Alice Copper stood on my hand that night as I rested it on the front of the stage while he sang “Dead Babies”, and I shot photos with my free hand. He had me pinned for almost 45 seconds. He looked down at me the whole time, and sang his heart out to me….The photos came out great even the one handed ones. He has a radio show here in the State of Arizona late at night. So I called him up one night to see if he remembered the festival. He did but did not remember standing on my hand. I sent him a copy of the photo you [Reniet] sent me from our files [“El Nuevo Día” newspaper]. He loved it….”
– Gary Williams


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