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[updated: Mar 26, 2012]
For years there’s been a video on the internet claiming it’s from Mar Y Sol. This is a video of another music festival in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico circa 1970 called ‘Festival Del Faro’ (Festival Of The Lighthouse). Our friend Joseph Torre worked in it and will share some detailed information very soon.

Also, here are some snapshots that clearly show this is not Mar Y Sol:

1) Roof columns – You can see here columns on the stage for a roof. Mar Y Sol’s stage had no roof.

2) No sound/lighting towers – In this video the two giant towers that were used at Mar Y Sol are not there.





3) No scaffoldings – One thing you see in all images from Mar Y Sol’s stage are scaffoldings. There are none here.

4) Next to a hill? – Right next to the stage you can clearly see a hill (as well as in the picture below).  There were no hills in the area used for Mar Y Sol, not even on the surrounding areas.




5) No palm trees – At Mar Y Sol there were palm trees everywhere. In this other festival there were none.







If you want to see for yourself here are two videos:

1) Festival Del Faro video

2) Real Mar Y Sol video