Black Sabbath fake poster

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Several sellers on eBay and other places on the internet have been ripping people off for more than a decade with this fake poster. The worst part is that the picture used in this poster is not even from 1972 or an earlier year but from 1978!

Here’s a bigger version of the photo used for that poster. You can see Ozzy wearing a “U.S. TOUR ’78” shirt.

Also, because this poster suggests Sabbath was going to be the headliners I asked Alex Cooley (Mar y Sol producer) about this in 2006. Here is an excerpt of my interview:

Reniet: Black Sabbath was going to play at the end of the festival. Were they meant to be the headliners, or at least for that night?

Cooley: No, they were not the headliners for the festival, no. Everybody got equal billing. There was nobody above anybody else. That’s called festival-type billing. There was no headliners.