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A trip with Billy Joel’s band:

I stepped off the plane in San Juan as an excited 18 year old girl who was traveling with my friend Larry who was the Bass player for Billy Joel. I had already been to many places with these guys but to travel to Puerto Rico and have the opportunity to hang out with my friends and meet so many “rock stars” was really cool especially because I never made it to Woodstock. Let’s just say that I am more of a Holiday Inn kind of gal who likes to sleep in a bed and have a/c. So this was the best of both worlds. An outdoor beach concert for a couple of days while I was staying or I should say crashing at the beautiful Cerromar Beach Resort in Dorado.


We traveled for about two hours to reach the beach and as I got out of the car, I marveled at all the equipment and magical work it was taking to make this concert a success and that it was. I was so proud of Larry (Russel) to have come so far in his career since we came from the Bronx and God knows not too many people at the time were making it. Billy was a genius and of course still is. His music inspired me and the way the band played that day, Al, Rhys, Larry and Billy was amazing. The crowd went wild went Billy sand his rendition of Joe Cocker’s “The Letter”. They loved “Captain Jack” and my personal favorite and still is…”Tomorrow is Today”.


It rained during their set but besides being scared that the boys could get electrocuted….the music continued with plastic tarp under their feet. As for me…I just hung out back stage marveling in a fantasy that came true….I was with my friends in a place that was beautiful with rock and roll stars.

– Susan Geiser (Jul-15-2013)

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