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Hey nice job on the site. You are preserving a small bit of Rock History!

I was a sophomore in High School that year (Commonwealth High). Alex Cooley hired some of the kids from my school to be stage hands. On Friday kids were skipping school to check out the concert. Somehow I managed to talk my Dad into letting me go… he was notoriously strict.. but I think, somehow he recognized that this was something special. It was a spaced out scene and at times felt a little unsafe.

I remember seeing BB King, ELP and the Allman Brothers. I think Duane was killed earlier that year and The Brothers were still reeling from the loss, Dickey Betts was playing Duane’s slide parts (this is way before Warren Haynes joined the band).

I remember it was hot, very hot… not much water. I survived on Pineapple and Hot Dogs…The atmosphere changed dramatically as the sun came down and the music came together.

The Brothers went on late because they couldn’t find an organ for Greg…. you could feel the vibe changed close to the stage and making it’s way out  to the crowd.

B.B. King was amazing.

The collective psychedelic vibe combined with the relief from the sun allowed the music to transcend whatever negative stuff was happening due to poor planning and unenlightened voyeurs who didn’t understand what was this was all about.

For me the music was life changing. I’m 50 years old now and have a teenager of my own. I’ve been to many, many concerts since, even became a promoter for a while.  I never miss a chance to see the Allman Brothers. The music inspired me to become a musician and I still believe, more than ever, in the transcending power of music.

Bien hecho!

Peace to you and yours.

Boston, USA