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Gary Williams – main press photographer of Mar y Sol, ex-photographer of “El Nuevo Dia”

I remember the Mar Y Sol weekend very well, since I was wearing many hats that week. I was working for El Nuevo Dia, AP UPI Time Magazine. I also worked for the concert promoters to take care the world press.

It was the 1st and last time I ever worked as a Press Type Or Flack, as I always call them. It was a great 3 weeks, some of my better ones. I used a El Camino carrying my motorcycle to move on to the site , so I could leave at will. It proved very useful getting the photo back to San Juan. Missed a lot of the music the second night, since I had to work on a boxing match in San Juan, pulled into Vega Baja around 3am. I did manage to shoot some people photos of Mar Y Sol but not many. I remember images in El Nuevo Dia of the people living on the beach and bathing nude in the cow watering area.

Gary Williams