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I was there and I was 20 years old. I think about it and have great memories. We had planned to stay 5 days and ended up for about 18 to 20 days, camped out on the beach.

At the time I lived in New Jersey. The concert was different than others I had been to. We had to go to New York City to purchase the tickets. They had charters planes to fly us in. and a bus was to meet us at the airport and drop us off at the site. Well, a bus did meet us at the airport about 3am and took us for a ride to the other side of the island. Well, the bus got lost and dropped us in the middle of no where. Not knowing where we were, we stayed at that spot until the morning. Finally the sun rose and we followed a road until we found the site. It was nothing they said it would be but there was a stage at the bottom of a hill not far from the ocean.

We camped out on the beach but things were not set up the way the said they would be. but we made the best of it. There was a coarse bands playing the first night and the next 3 nights.

We rented a old VW bug and help out in the in the infirmary. We had red cross medical tee shirts that the promoters had made up. Nobody expected so many bad medical problems such as people’s skin as red as a lobster and peeling and in so much pain. There was so really bad acid going around many took sick so we had to announce it on the pa system about five or six times a day, but there was many clean drugs liquid acid (pure) great pot. One night Alice Cooper took the stage and with the color lights and the bubble machines going off it was like magic in the sky and every where. It sometimes feels like it was yesterday.

It was a experience hard to put into words. There was a US Army camp about 10 miles away and half the people had hair past their shoulders and the other half were shaved from being in boot camp, but everyone got along like family!!! Being we had a rented VW bug we were able to leave camp as much as we wanted to get medical needs and lots of food sometimes making 10 trips a day.

So glad I was able to locate this site after all these years.

David Stone