Andrew F Quinn

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I was at the festival. Four of us went down for surfing and went to the festival. We got to the area a few days early – and to tell you the truth that was the best part.

Did you ever hear about the old mansion near the beach where some of the local bands played in the days before the festival began?

The guy dancing in the shorts on the inside of Mar Y Sol album – his name was Chewito (Chuito?). He hung around with us and tried out one of our surfboards.

There was a guy murdered in his tent. Machete to the head. Supposedly he messed with a local’s woman – which was bullshit. We talked with his girlfriend. They were after her. And robbery.
There were lots of these glow-in-the-dark tubes on strings that people would spin around.

One friend’s suitcase was stolen the first day. He spent two weeks, and the flight home to New Jersey in the same baggies and tee shirt. We also lost two of the four surfboards. Stolen.

Mar Y Sol changed my life. It gave me a greater appreciation for music. And I also went on to be a musician.

– Andy Quinn