Billy Joel: Mar Y Sol – Puerto Rico 1972

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01) Travelin’ Prayer
02) Josephine
03) The Ballad of Billy the Kid
04) Captain Jack
05) Tomorrow Is Today
06) The Letter [Joe Cocker cover]
07) Jumpin’ Jack Flash [Rolling Stones cover]

[DOWNLOAD] (revised version of Jan 21, 2012)


[UPDATED: Jan 21, 2012]

For years there’s been an endless debate: What was the real order of Billy Joel’s set at Mar y Sol?

Basically, for a very long time there has been a bootleg circulating the world called “MAR Y SOL & Family Tapes” which includes the entire Mar Y Sol set plus some other rare material not related to the festival. This original bootleg has the date as April 1, 1972, when in reality they played on the 2nd.

It also has a different song order than what Larry Russell (bass player) remembers.

“MAR Y SOL & Family Tapes” bootleg
date: 04-01-72
Larry Russell’s memories
date: 04-02-72
Travelin’ Prayer Travelin’ Prayer
Josephine Josephine
Captain Jack The Ballad of Billy the Kid *
Tomorrow Is Today Captain Jack
The Letter (Joe Cocker cover) Tomorrow Is Today
Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Rolling Stones cover) The Letter (Joe Cocker cover)
The Ballad of Billy the Kid * Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Rolling Stones cover)

[ The only difference being “The Ballad of Billy the Kid” ]

Both theories have their valid points. When you listen to the entire original bootleg the transitions between songs sound right. However Larry claims to have a very good memory of such an important gig and assures that the two cover songs where the last songs and that ‘The Ballad of Billy the Kid’ was 3rd on the set (not at the end like in the original bootleg).

Previously I believed that the correct order was that of the original bootleg and that Larry might’ve had some memory confusion. But again I studied the whole thing a third time and came to the conclusion that Larry was right all along.

Here are my latest observations (some where previosly mentioned by Larry as well):

1 – This is simply not the type of song to end a set, specially right after having the crowd going nuts with “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”.

2 – It would make a lot more sense to end the set/encore with two cover songs than adding an extra original right after.

3 – ‘The Ballad of Billy The Kid‘ was not the last song on at least two other 1972 shows:
— Sigma Studios, Philadelphia, PA
– Apr. 15, 1972 (song #3)
Boarding House, San Francisco – Jan. 1972 (song #4)

4. Right before “Tomorrow Is Today” Billy says (or at least that’s what I think he said) “one more before we leave”. It makes sense to say that if you know that’s your last song or at least your last original. And if ‘Ballad’ was really the last song, that means they played 3 songs of encore….. not the most common thing for a band that no one knows.

5. He says “Thank you, good night” after three songs: ‘Tomorrow Is Today’, ‘The Letter’ & ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’, yet in the last song of the original bootleg, ‘The Ballad of Billy The Kid’, nothing is said. It makes sense to say “Thank you, good night” at the end of ‘Tomorrow Is Today’ because it was probably intended to be the last song if people didn’t ask for an encore. After the first encore ‘The Letter’ (Joe Cocker cover) they also might’ve thought that would be it.

6. On the original bootleg you don’t hear anything going on between the end of ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ and the beginning of ‘The Ballad of Billy The Kid’ like you can hear between ‘Tomorrow Is Today’, ‘The Letter’ & ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’.

Why was this recording altered? for what purpose? I will never know ­čÖü

Having said all this I also want to point out that this version you are downloading was re-edited by me to give it the correct order. You will also notice how the last song sounds a lot better than the rest; that’s because I replaced it with the one Larry Russell had sent me.