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“I really enjoyed your web site”
– Alex Cooley (producer/promoter of Mar y Sol)

Even though I was born 5 years after MAR Y SOL took place, I’ve always had a passion for this subject. Always been a fan of rock music and always loved history. Add the fact that I have a special love for rock events/concerts that took place in Puerto Rico (I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, 1977 – 2003). The last day of the festival (April 3, 1972) was also the day my oldest brother was born.

I felt that since there was no web site, book or anything to learn about this event I might as well be the first one.

I’ve been very curious about this subject since 1993 when I accidentally saw the LP ‘ot ‘n’ Sweaty’ by Cactus (which contains 3 songs from this festival). But there was no source whatsoever to find out more about this legendary festival. In 2004 I officially started collecting everything I could related to Mar y Sol (eBay) and that same year I made a trip to Puerto Rico to visit family and friends and took the opportunity to go to 2 archives of old newspapers (1) El Nuevo Dia newspaper and (2) El Sagrado Corazón University where they have the archives for the “El Mundo” newspaper. That was the first time I really got a hold of a lot of detailed information and pictures I had never seen before. In early 2005 I decided to make the web site to be able to share all this information with the rest of the world. This would be my “book” about Mar y Sol.

It’s been a lot of hard work which for me is a very pleasant hobby. But this web site has been growing and becoming what it is today with the amazing help and support from it’s visitors who have contributed with additional information, corrections, pictures, etc. Including Alex Cooley himself (producer of Mar y Sol), photographers, artists, crew members and people who were at the festival.

[Segment about marysol-festival.com on the article “De vuelta a Mar Y Sol” (Back to Mar Y Sol)
from El Nuevo Día newspaper of Puerto Rico, March 29, 2009]



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“I really enjoyed your web site” – Alex Cooley (producer/promoter of Mar y Sol)

“What a flash man!!” – John Nitzinger (Mar y Sol performer)

“I’m glad that you have constructed a Mar y Sol festival web site.
Music history must be preserved indeed” – David Peel (Mar y Sol performer)


Special thanks to:

Alex Cooley – (USA) producer/promoter of Mar y Sol

Glenn Abbott – (San Juan, Puerto Rico) photographer

Pedro Collazo – (Puerto Rico)

Axel J. Capó-Ortiz – (Puerto Rico)

Thomas “Jimmy” Rosario – (Puerto Rico) photographer

Jorge Maymi – (Caguas, Puerto Rico)

Larry Russell – (USA) Billy Joel’s ex-bassist who performed at Mar y Sol

Axel “Sagxel” Bonet – (Manatí, Puerto Rico)

Gary Williams – (USA) ex-photographer of El Nuevo Dia newspaper, one of the main photographersof the festival and one of the people who worked in this production.

Wilton Vargas – (Puerto Rico) of tecnetico.com