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photo by C. Rosa
On promo: No
Performed: Yes

Date: April 1 (Saturday)
(sources: Bohemia magazine article)







There is a 16mm film of this performance somewhere in Puerto Rico. I have never seen it and it has never been publicly available.

Existe una pelicula en 16mm de esta presentación en algún lugar en Puerto Rico. Nunca la he visto ni ha estado disponibe públicamente.

Additional info:

Local band. They were the 1st band to perform.

“An instrumental local band was made up of puertoricans & 2 americans living in P.R. layed instrumentals, mix of jazz, blues & rock. The guys were myself [Gonchi Sifre], Fernando Rosado on Bass, Brian Cuomo on electric piano, Carl Freidman on Harmonica & Violin, and maybe Juan Melendez on sax & flute”.
– Gonchi Sifre, drummer of Rubber Band


“My recollection (I was stoned & the heat!) was that they put most of the local bands on first. I remember we came on about 12 noon and it was so hot that when i touched the rim of one of my drums it hurt! people as far as the eye could see!”
– Gonchi Sifre, drummer of Rubber Band