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On promo: No
Performed: Yes

Date: They played twice at the festival. On April 1 (Saturday) for sure. However it’s still unclear if the second time was April 2nd or April 3rd. John Nitzinger himself says the second time was on the 2nd but several reviews say he played on the 3rd.










Contains 1 song by Nitzinger:
“Texas Blues/Jelly Roll”












Contains 1 song by Nitzinger:
“Louisiana Cock Fight”










Quote from
– “John’s classic, “Jelly Roll Blues” stole the show and became an instant hit for Atlantic Records.”

Comment from Nitzinger regarding this website:
– “What a flash man!!”

“Late in the day John Nitzinger took the stage and simply BLEW everyone away with his show…he kept making the crowd laugh saying his pant’s where falling off…It remains one of the best shows I’ve seen my whole concert going life…he had a female drummer that smoked on the drums, the crowd went nuts…we thought he do an encore, but he was wisked away!!! “.
– Lou Portela (California, USA)