Faces (Rod Stewart & Ronnie Wood)

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Rod Stewart [by Glenn Abbott]
On promo: Yes
Performed: Yes

Date: April 3 (Monday)
(sources: Creem magazine review, New York Times review & Bohemia magazine article)










Contains 2 songs by Faces:
“It’s All Over Now” & “Miss Judy’s Farm”










“I watched the Faces from the side of the stage and they were great as always and they went down very well. We’d already done a few gigs with them in the States as we had the same management and agent. I recall it was touch and go if we’d go on as everything was running very late and some of the bands were getting bumped. I think our manager Billy Gaff must have said if Baldry couldn’t play then the Faces wouldn’t or something as we went on directly after the Faces! Not an easy act to follow as you can imagine but at least we got on stage.”
Keith Boyce [John Baldry]


“The Faces came out they couldn’t get the crowd into them. I was up close and it was fun watching the Rod & Ron show, trying to make something happen, but only getting more frustrated as they went along.
Michael Bobot – (Boca Raton, Florida)


“What I remember the most of their show was that Rod had a large bandage on his forehead, he said he had fallen somewhere backstage & cut his forehead but was fine.”
Louis M. Portela (California)

“Rod Stewart was such a regular bloke that he was playing soccer with some of us who were around the beach area. He also was around the same area at night where we were dancing by fire light.”
– Frank Price (New York)