Elephant’s Memory Band

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On promo: No
Performed: Yes

Date: April 2 (Sunday)
(sources: New York Times review & Louis M. Portela)




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Per the New York Times review they played around 8:00 am.

The Creem magazine review says they also played after the festival, at the airport, to the people who were stranded on the island. Read more.


Según la reseña de el New York Times tocaron alrededor de las 8:00 am.

La reseña de Creem magazine dice que también tocaron luego del festival, en el aeropuerto, para la gente que estaban varados en la isla. Lea más aquí.



“Then very early the next morning Sunday the 2nd, NY’s Elephant’s Memory Band took the stage…they actually woke me up…I think I had about 3-4 hr sleep that 1st night, there was some hype that John Lennon & Yoko Ono might’ve shown up with them since they where essentially John’s back up band at the time. But a “well wishes” statement from John & Yoko was read out over the loud speakers…I was always surprised that the papers never mentioned it.”
Louis M. Portela