Black Sabbath

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On promo: Yes
Performed: No

Scheduled for: April 3 (Monday)
(source: book “How BLACK was our SABBATH”)

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Listen to an excerpt of the announcement (Recorded by Pedro Collazo)


Excerpts from the book: “How BLACK was our SABBATH” :

Black Sabbath had flown over from Miami for the Mar Y Sol festival. The crew arrived at the site as usual, before the band did.

However, as it drew closer to the time for the band to leave for the gig, it became clear that they would never make it, at least on land.

The road leading to the festival ground was grid locked.

Spock Wall [producer] used a payphone to call Patrick Meehan [producer], who was with the band at the Redondo Beach Hotel, to warn him of the traffic problems. Meehan told him to expect the band as and when they could get there.

Their only chance would’ve been to hire a helicopter, but none was available. Meehan then decided that the band should admit defeat. They had nothing to lose as they had been paid in advance, unlike many of the other acts on the bill.

The band had one immediate problem. They only had a day room at the hotel, somewhere to freshen up before they set off for the festival. Meehan decided that they should go to the bar and stay there until an earlier flight could be arranged to get them off the island. But he couldn’t inform the crew, who were still at the site waiting for the band, and he had no way to contact anyone there.

Luke [road manager] decided to take a shower before abandoning the suite, and Ozzy decided to throw him a Cherry Bomb [1/4 dynamite] while he was in there. The hotel suite looked like a scene from Apocalypse Now.

Luckily, the band didn’t have to stay around the hotel long enough to explain the bomb site they’d created. All that was left of them was a vapor trail by the time their trashed room had been discovered.

Spock and the road crew, meanwhile, were still in the dark. Finally they decided to drive back to the hotel to find out what was going on. But there was no sign of Black Sabbath, Luke or Meehan.

The crew, unlike the band, had beds booked for the night, and so they decided to check in while they thought about what to do next. The duty manager politely offered to show them their rooms. Stopping the lift on the 2nd floor, he directed them to the suite that the band had left in explosive disarray, explaining that they were welcome to stay there ‘if you don’t mind the mess’.

Opening the door, they immediately realized what had happened. Knowing that the manager’s icy civility would soon give way to a fury they’d rather not get involved in, they did the only sensible thing and made for the airport, where they jumped on the first flight back to Miami.


Fake poster:

Several sellers on eBay and other places on the internet have been ripping people off for more than a decade with this fake poster. The worst part is that the picture used in this poster is not even from 1972 or an earlier year but from 1978! [Read more]










“Ozzy [Osbourne] needed a tie to get in to the casino. So while I’m cutting my scarf in half to make Ozzy a Bowtie, I hear a ‘Hi Harold!’ I turn around and it’s Alice Cooper and Cindy Lang picture perfect dressed as Nick and Nora and a matching Asta! I so wanted to find my own Nora! Still looking….”
– Harold C. Black (David Peel band)