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On promo: No
Performed: Yes

Date: April 2 (Sunday)
(source: Frank Ferrara, bass player)




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Our manager Rick Bowen wanted to surprise us by chartering a plane to take us to the gig. He invited a few friends and the vice president of Capitol and his wife to come with us.  The plane that he got was a old World War 2 plane that was being refurbished and wasn’t done yet. The plane had no seats but 2 sofas to sit on. It also didn’t have a bathroom. We had to use a Kentucky Fried Chicken box between blankets…not enough room for everyone to sit so we ended up sitting on the floor of the plane. A normal flight to Puerto Rico from Ft. Lauderdale usually takes a couple of hours…it took us 4 hours. The plane could only fly so high and we ended up running into a huge storm. We ended up losing altitude and the plane just dropped for about 30 seconds…Talk about fear. The plane had no lights inside and all we could hear was thunder and lighting. It was pitch black…We finally regained altitude and proceeded on our way. When we finally landed …one of the front tires went flat as we were coming to a stop. At that point the doors opened and everyone in the plane ran for the weeds…cause nobody was gonna use that Kentucky Fried Chicken box…
– Bang
This excert was taken from and you can read the full interview here:

“We had the plane with the flat tire parked on runway apron and were the ones chased by locals in a pickup truck as we were taking off down the runway at the end of the festival..”
– Tony Diorio (drummer)

“We played at noon on Sunday (Easter)”
– Frank Ferrara (bass player)

(Note: At the festival there was another performer with an almost identical name; Fran Ferrer, front man of the local group Fran Ferrer Y Puerto Rico 2012)