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Woodstock speakers
– The speakers used in Mar Y Sol were the same ones used in Woodstock.
Mar Y Sol speakers [by David Gahr]


Two almost identical names
– Two performers at the festival from different bands had an almost identical name:
Fran Ferrer (Frank Ferrer Y Puerto Rico 2010)
Frank Ferrara (Bang)


Nitzinger, Alice Cooper & Bloodrock
-Nitzinger was related at some point with these other festival bands: Bloodrock &  Alice Cooper

Nitzinger was a song writer for Bloodrock before launching his solo career. In 1981 Nitzinger joined  Alice Cooper for the Special Forces tour.


Vega Baja or Manatí?
– Most people think the festival took place in Vega Baja but this has been a misunderstanding for decades. The festival took place in Manatí, close to the borderline of Vega Baja.


Poster vs. LP
– Not only the list of artists on the poster is very different to the list of the ones that actually performed, some of these new bands that were added at the last minute got to be on the LP while some that were on the poster were not.