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You would think that if the Mar Y Sol font was a regular one, specially for being so old, that you could find it in any font website. However this is a rare font which I have never been able to find and I have no clue who invented it.

Here are a few findings of other people using this font:



A few years ago while walking near an Applebee’s I couldn’t help to notice there was something familiar about the logo. When I compared the two I realized that both Applebee’s & Mar Y Sol have the same font.

So, who came first?

Mar Y Sol was first.

Applebee’s was founded 8 years after (1980).


What else do they have in common?

Mar Y Sol was created by a very well known music promoter, Alex Cooley, from Atlanta, Georgia.
was also founded in Atlanta, Georgia.

As of now I have no further details about any relation between Cooley and the founders of Applebee’s.


The Moody Blues:

In this 2005 tour shirt you can clearly see that the font in ‘MOODY BLUES’ is the same. Except for the letters ‘D’, ‘B’ and ‘U’, the rest are exactly the same as in the Mar Y Sol logo.