The 40th Anniversary Reunion

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One of the most special days of my life!!! 


Seven years ago when I started this website I never thought it would reach this point. I’ve done a lot of hard work to create this giant source of information but it was all of you who helped me build this. It is all of you who give me a great reason to keep going forward.

For the 40th Anniversary I wanted to do something big but my previous plans had failed. So I settled for a small reunion in which I was expecting maybe 4 people to keep me company while I filmed a few things in the area of the festival.  Through my Facebook page, the little plan grew and kept growing.

When all was looking great and I was finally in Puerto Rico I kept seeing problems and more problems. A lot of rain and people cancelling.  I mentioned this to my dad who replied “Don’t worry. It will be all good by the day of the event”……and it was. It wasn’t just good, it was GREAT! It was… one of the most special days in my life!

I got there with my sister and the guys of El Nuevo Dia newspaper were already there.  We started the interview with me and just when I was  about to start worrying because no one had showed up, three gentleman dressed in white came to us. Three nice guys with a great enthusiasm, tales to tell, photos, even the original ticket.  Then more people showed up.  All nice people, wanting to have a great time. We talked, laughed, asked questions, drank some alcohol to celebrate….  we had a great time and spent about 6 hours and 20 minutes just doing that; walking around some of the areas of the festival, taking pictures, listening to some music, I was of course filming for my upcoming documentary and in general we were all having a great time. A total of 22 people showed up.

The next morning I saw the article on the newspaper and I just couldn’t be happier.  Jeez I’m in the same page as my favorite Mar Y Sol guy, Mr. Alice Cooper!!! What an honor!!

[NOTA: La versión online (para que lo puedan leer) está aquí: parte 1 y parte 2]

In a nutshell, it was a great success!  THANK YOU ALL who showed up!!!!!! (see list of attendees at the bottom of this page).

*Very special thanks to Jorge Perez of El Nuevo Día for the newspaper article.



Photos were taken by: José Ramón Casanova, Axel Bonet, Rubí Ramirez & William Jimenez


List of attendees:

[People that were at Mat Y Sol]
– Ernesto Dávila
– William Jimenez
– Mariano Jimenez
– Pedro Collazo
– Oscar Mandry
– Joseph Torre
– Victor Fuentes
– Milton Lopez
– Ramón Melendez
– Papo “Curly” Ramos
– Felix Adorno

[New generation]
– Reniet Ramirez
– Rubí Ramirez
– Pedro “Junito” Rivera
– Axel Bonet
– José Ramón Casanova
– Antonio “Chico” Torres
– Nataniel Torres
– Felix Homar Adorno
– Luis Colón
– Oscar Mandry Jr.
– Jerovac Ruiz
– Yann Marrero
– Eduardo A. Lopez
– Camila I. Lopez