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Frequently Asked Questions regarding…



1) …the festival:

– Was the festival professionally filmed?
No. However there is a photo in which you can see a cameraman on stage (with Nitzinger). It was a friend of his but sadly this person died a few years ago. I had asked John if he could try and get some more information on the existance of that footage but I don’t have big hopes. Let’s hope one day something else surfaces. But thanks to Glenn Abbott we can at least enjoy of the only 2 films that have ever surfaced which you can see in the Video section.

Here is the picture mentioned above:


– Did the festival took place in Vega Baja or Manatí?
It was always believed that it was in Vega Baja but in reality the festival took place in Manatí.  The towns of Vega Baja and Manatí are next to each other and the festival area was inside Manatí. But in those days everyone knew that area as being part of Vega Baja. Because of this, saying that Mar Y Sol took place in Vega Baja is acceptable.

Vega Baja or Manatí



2) …future projects:

– Do you think there should be a Mar Y Sol 2?:
Absolutely not. These are completely different times. People are way different than 40 years ago. If it didn’t work for Woodstock it will definitely won’t work for Mar Y Sol.




3) …me or the website:

– Where you [Reniet Ramirez] at the festival?:
No. I was born 5 years after the festival (1977). I was simply a very gigantic admirer of the subject who was so frustrated with the fact that there was no information available anywhere about the festival that I decided to dig up the information myself and be able to share it with others. [Read more…]


– Why 3 domain names (ULRs)?:
You might’ve noticed that there is:

They all go to the same place. Domain names are simply addresses to point to a website. The use of more than one domain name for the same website is a common practice to make sure people can still get to the website if they mistakenly typed it wrong.  marysol-festival.com looks better in writing but if you’re telling someone, it’s easier to say marysolfestival.com.

I also have marysolpopfestival.com simply because that’s the “full name” of the festival.