The Collazo/Mandry Tapes Vol. 1

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01) Mister Robert (Brownsville Station)
02) The Train (Pot Liquor)
03) It’s All Over Now (Faces)
04) Miss Judy’s Farm (Faces)
05) Louisiana Cock Fight (Nitzinger)
06) Done Somebody Wrong (Allman Brothers Band)
07) Homework (J. Geils Band)
08) Crusin’ For A Love (J. Geils Band)
09) The Pope Smokes Dope (David Peel)
10) Up Against The Wall (David Peel)
11) How Blue Can You Get (BB King)
12) Guess Who (BB King)
13) Memphis Underground (Herbie Mann)
14) Take Five (Dave Brubeck w/ Gerry Mulligan)
15) Ya Se Van (Fran Ferrer y Puerto Rico 2010)



Two Mar Y Sol attendees, Pedro Collazo & Oscar Mandry (from Ponce, Puerto Rico) made an effort while enjoying the festival which resulted in a real treasure. They set out to record a lot of material from the festival with a tape recorder. Although an ‘audience recording’, this is probably the best bootleg I’ve ever heard in my life. Some parts/songs sound like if they were recorded professionally. Some were recorded in it’s entirety, some are just segments, plus they also captured a few very important moments from the festival like the announcements of the bands scheduled to play and the message sent by John Lennon & Yoko. There were a total of 30 complete songs. The first 15 were made into this bootleg, the rest are in  Vol 2 and Vol 3.

This bootleg was edited and compiled by me as well as the album cover for which I used a picture taken, also, by Collazo.

Collazo and his friends from Ponce even made it to the official LP. He is the one with long dark hair.

Many thanks to Pedro Collazo for donating this treasure to be shared with everyone.